Friday, June 23, 2006


Background and LSB compliance (SoC 2006)

Yesterday I tried another hotspot: networking on the background. In the Sarge networking script it is pretty easy to run in the background. Just have to add an ampersand after the line:
ifup -a
Couldn't be easier I guess. Well, there is the problem that the message "done." will appear afterwards at some random place out of context. Now, the sid version of the script is much nicer and seems to be LSB compliant!!! Grand! Well, the problem comes as "ifup -a" is inside an IF statement such that sending to the background makes no sense. So maybe it could be sent to the background in a new shell and send a message like "Configuring network interfaces...done".
Well, as my intention was just to test the boot speed I removed the IF statement. There was no change on time! That is not what should happen. I'll have to double check. The results and scripts are available here
Finally, I tried removed discover from the scripts as udev is already doing the same job. This change was motivated by a comment from Marco D'Itri. Also in this case I noticed no change on the boot time. This should be hardware dependent.

The problem with this is that dependency information such as "this service needs network" may depend on the actual configuration of things.

For example, if your user accounts live on LDAP, then you want the network up and running before presenting a login window, and might even be interested in running sulogin instead of the display manager if the network setup fails. On the other hand, a laptop user would have a problem if the network was needed to get a login screen.

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