Monday, June 12, 2006


Benchmarking between boot processes

For the project to improve debian boot process, I've installed debian woody and debian sarge to see the changes in debian releases. Currently installing debian etch.

The first bootcharts are here for woody and sarge with a clean installation with autologin to kde. Funny to see woody being faster with 32 seconds while sarge has 44 seconds.

For debian woody I had some problems to use bootchart but they were solved thanks to the kind help of Baruch Even. The errors were:
On the other hand, the first deliverable draft was added to the svn repository and is available for comments here. It is still on an early phase and needs to be converted from tex to html.

Finally, I'm checking out SUSE's implementation of startpar together with insserv for parallel execution. It is interesting to see a boot process that looks to be already LSB-compliant.

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