Saturday, June 17, 2006


Benchmarking other distrubutions (SoC2006)

Hi, for the debian boot process project, the last days I looked at the SUSE, Mandriva and Fedora distributions to analyse their boot process. The most interesting so far was SUSE being LSB compliant and having insserv/startpar to set and ajust the dependencies for parallalel booting. The insserv/chkconfig combinations seems to do the same as FreeBSD's rcorder although rcorder checks dependencies in two stages: with root filesystem and with all mounted filesystems.

Fedora looks like a regular sysvinit process although it contains LSB information in the initscripts that is read by chkconfig to set dependencies in the /etc/rc.d directories. Nevertheless, the dependencies don't adjust to added/substracted scripts.

Finally Mandriva 2006 doesn't seem to have pinit/prcsys in their default configuration so it seems to have a standard sysvinit.

BTW, the first deliverable is being written in latex (with pdf and html versions generated together) and available here.

I'd research a bit better in the mandriva boot process. When I stopped using cooker, last winter, they were implementing parallel init, and I doubt they've stopped. search the archives for couriousous mails.
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