Saturday, June 24, 2006


dash and LSB check

One new boot process hotspot was tested yesterday: using dash instead of bash. Got a good reduction of 3 seconds in the boot time. The results and method used are in the project webpage. Nevertheless, this was different from the 6 seconds obtained by Margarita Manterola in her slides from debconf6.
On the other side, with the aim of having a script for checking lintian rules and LSB compliance, I've started to take a look to the script written by Petter Reinholdtsen. It is written in perl so I took a quick tutorial of perl first :)

Hi! Maybe using a slower computer would magnify the differences between one boot configuration and the next?

I've recently switched from Gentoo b/c it took too long to compile on my slow machine. The thing I miss the most is the dependency based initialization and shutdown, which could be done in parallel. I don't know if it was faster than debian, but it seemed very tidy and under control.

Have fun this summer! I'll be reading your blog. :)
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