Friday, June 09, 2006


Margarita's guidelines

Another post about google's SoC project to improve the boot process written from sunny Ireland!

With the first deliverable deadline nearby, I've been preparing the computer I'll use for playing with the boot process with different distributions. Iv'e lately installed debian woody and will be comparing it with Etch and Sarge (as freshly installed).

From the blog of Margarita Manterola got some interesting guidelines of what to do for the beginning of the project [1]. As she had already tested boot times for several processes and got a 20 second improvement for Etch (reduced boot time to 60%!!) it looks like there is hope. It would be great to be able to watch the recorded presentation (hopefully soon to be available).

So new hotspots identified:
Besides, there are two programs to consider:

[url=]Tuxtzu[/url] - dubnpgBfYmRGmVTm ,
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