Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Sid bootcharts (SoC 2006)

Hi, another rainy summer day in ireland and another bootchart in the webpage Now it was sid's turn. So now we have the time from grub to Kde startup for the four releases:
All of them use kde with autologin although boothchart stops at least 6 seconds before kde stops loading. That means that all of the times here are at least 6 seconds shorter so Sid takes 39 seconds from grub. An attempt to measure until kde finishes loading was made by changing the /sbin/bootchartd wait_boot function such that bootchart waits until the program ktip (the one that gives you a usage tip at startup). Nevertheless, in this case bootchart takes around 6 seconds to stop logging. The bootchart is on the webpage as well.

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