Monday, June 26, 2006


startpar and insserv

Yesterday I tried insserv together with startpar according to the post from Petter Reinholdtsen although the results were not what we expected as just a 2 second reduction was observed. The bootchart is here. This behaviour seems to be due to a deficient ordering of the init scripts by insserv as it may be observed by comparing the init scripts order before and after ordering with insserv.

In the order of the initscripts it can be observed that:
+there are repeated versions of one initscript in the symbolic link farms (/etc/rcS.d and /etc/rc2.d) like udev.
+some known errors in the order were not corrected (bugs #375388 and #375389).

To correct this behavior requires some modifications to the code for ordering the initscripts in insserv. This would be the next step in the project (to implement a promising hotspot) when dependency information (LSB-compliance) can be checked.

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