Saturday, July 15, 2006


Automatic update for the LSB compliance list (SoC 2006)

We have published a list for LSB-compliance in here. The script to create it was now modified to be easily updated automatically considering changes in the initscript files and new reported bugs. It will also consider special cases like with the scripts bootlogd and that wouldn't normally be considered as LSB compliant. The scripts are available under the GNU license at the project repository.

Wow! It is impressive how many initscripts don't have proper dependency information in their headers.

It will be interesting to see if boot speed/kludginess improves after that information is properly added and debugged!
A sexy application would be a program which read the LSB startup headers and made a drawing of the relationships between the scripts.

Even sexy would be the ability to edit the drawing (adding should start and must start lines for example) and then save the changes by modifying the LSB headers of the initialization scripts
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