Saturday, July 08, 2006


LSB- howto, status list and check script (SoC 2006)

A guide for debian package maintainers to make the scripts LSB compliant is available in here. It is not a substitute of the LSB 3.1 but intends to be used as a quick reference to create LSB-compliant init-scripts.

The script to check the LSB compliance was changed to reflect the init script status according to:
+No LSB headers - If "### BEGIN INIT INFO" is not found.
+LSB compliance - If the headers Provides, Required-Start, Required-Stop, Default-Start and Default-Stop exist and have arguments. Besides, if Default-Start is equal to 0 or to 6, LSB compliance is satisfied only with Provides, Required-Start and Default-Start.
+Missing LSB headers in the other cases.

Finally, a list with the current LSB-compliance status of Debian init-scripts is available here. It was automatically generated using a modified version of the script mentioned above and includes a link to the bug report filed to correct the scripts. The aim of this webpage is to give an overview of the work that needs to be done in Debian for LSB compliance.

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