Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Meeting with my mentor in Dublin (SoC 2006)

In one of this extremely weird sunny and warm days in Dublin, I've met my google SoC mentor Petter Reinholdtsen. We've discussed several issues of the project and here are the main points:

1. Some small issues in the LSB compliance list needed to be corrected. Some packages didn't showed their package. It was solved and now all the init-scripts have the package they belong to. See LSB-compliance list.

2. It was important to compare the results from two different ways to use dash instead of bash in the init-scripts. See discussion in debian-devel. The two approaches are:

a) make /bin/sh point to /bin/dash - using the procedure described in /usr/share/doc/bash/README.Debian.gz, we obtain a time reduction of 4 seconds.
b) change #!/bin/sh for #!/bin/dash in the init-scripts - using the substitution function of sed, the initscripts were changed to use dash. A reduction of 2 seconds was obtained.

The bootcharts are available here. The difference should be because some programs are still using bash as just the first line of the initscripts was changed.

It may be interesting to note that Ubuntu has done the former in its distribution already.
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