Tuesday, July 11, 2006


More bug reports and benchmark (SoC2006)

Yesterday I filed a bug report for lintian as it doesn't check for LSB compliance. Many scripts would be fixed at the moment we get an LSB check in lintian and normally we will be providing them with a patch for it with our Deliverable 5 in a few weeks. Bug report #377740
I'm installing sid in my laptop --originally-- to use as benchmarking for the boot process. The installation procedure was the same as the one explained in the project webpage for sid except that it also includes the Laptop package subset. As I'm using a usb harddisk, it seems there is a problem at the boottime as /dev/sda1 takes to long to be detected and when root wants to mount it hasn't been detected yet. I currently skip this problem this by doing CTRL-S at the beginning to give it more time but this won't make a good boot process benchmark.
New bug reports were filed:
alsa-base #377716
alsa-utils #377717

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