Thursday, July 20, 2006


Now Parallel execution works better (SoC 2006)

A bug was found when doing parallel execution with startpar. The scripts seem to have been executing twice and it is being fixed by Petter Reinholdtsen. To compare the effect of the bug, the parallel execution boot time using startpar was compared with the one using "shell". The main difference between using CONCURRENCY=startpar and CONCURRENCY=shell in /etc/default/rcS is that the latter doesn't care about the order in which messages are printed to the screen.

The issue made me try things again and this time I didn't accept the default script reorder from insserv. Insserv seems to have the following reordering issues:

a)repeates scripts in /etc/rc2.d that were already started in /etc/rcS.d
b)doesn't reorder /etc/rcS.d
c)puts stop-bootlogd near the beginning in /etc/rc2.d and bootlogd while sysklogd and klogd are at the middle.
d)includes scripts present in /etc/init.d that were not previously executed at boot time.

Issues (a) and (c) were corrected and the boot time was 2 seconds faster than without insserv(See bootcharts).
While testing parallel execution, using CONCURRENCY=startpar, there was no improvement (the bug hasn't been fixed) and while testing with CONCURRENCY=shell there was a 4 second time improvement from the original system without insserv. (See bootcharts)


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