Tuesday, July 11, 2006


testing ubuntu's readahead (SoC2006)

The base distribution I'm using for Sid changed slightly by installing ssh. There was no boot time difference. The new base bootchart (same time 49 sec) is here.

Based on a discussion in initscripts-ng-devel between Petter Reinholdtsen and Erich Schubert, I decided to try ubuntu's readahead to see if we will get a better or worst boot time. After installing ubuntu's readahead 1.0.1-2 but noticed not time difference. No difference was obtained by changing the boot order (S39 to S19 in rcS.d) nor by adding files read at /etc/readahead/readahead. The bootchart is here

Also tried the newer readahead from ubuntu readahead 0.20050517.0220-0ubuntu3 but now with a loss of 1 second. This includes two scripts S01readahead and S39readahead-desktop in rcS.d and S99stop-readahead in rc2.d. The bootchart is here

Next I'll try to analyze the SUSE static preload.

Besides I filed an bug (377941) to initramfs-tool I had with installing Etch on my laptop with a usb harddisk. Tried adding sleep 5 to /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-premount/udev, then dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-.... but still fails :(

instead of playing around with dodgy scripts, you should look in to http://www.initng.org/. I played some time ago to get better boot time on my debian box and ended by using it. 9s to start by bootchartd (except initial kernel initialisation and gui start)
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