Thursday, August 17, 2006


Insserv reordering and repeated init-scripts (SoC2006)

Some time ago I posted having obtained a 2 second time decrease in the boot time using insserv reordering. In that occasion, I had already deleted some repeated init scripts from the insserv modified /etc/rc2.d directory. Recently, I had problems using insserv as I thought the major change was just to change the order of some of the init-scripts (stop-bootlogd, sysklogd, klogd). Now, from a system starting in 53 seconds I got a 2 second improvement by using the same script order used some time ago. Besides, I thought I shouldn't bother to delete the repeated init-scripts as /sbin/init is supposed to ignore them. Nevertheless, by removing the remaining repeated scripts I got a further 2 second time improvement, i.e., a 4 seconds improvement! The bootcharts and init order are available at the project webpage.

I have noticed that you are having a little trouble with previous changes to your setup interfering with your boot experiments.

It might help your "repeatability" if you did all your experiments on the same installation.

E.g. At the beginning of summer (yeah, a little late! :) ) install Etch on an "original" partition and then copy "original" to an "experimental" partition which you would boot into in order to perform experiments.

The "original" partition is never changed and after every experiment reset the "experimental" partition to be the same as the "original" before performing another experiment.
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