Tuesday, August 15, 2006


System reinstalled and testing preload again (SoC 2006)

Currently recovering from a disk failure with lots of data lost (i'll backup more often now), I'm trying to tackle with the inconsistencies sketched in the previous blog: preload and parallel booting hotspots don't perform as before. I guess the discrepancies came from playing too much with the boot process.
The new system has originally a boot time of 52 seconds and the installation of preload 0.4 on a freshly installed system gave 1 second longer boot time during the first reboot and came back to the original time after 4 reboots and goes back to 53 seconds afterwards.
The bootchart is available on the bootcharts section of the project webpage for two preload configurations.

Besides, unverbose booting was tested. Well, simply verbose was changed to "VERBOSE=no" and "VERBOSE=quiet" just making the system slower! What could this be? Manual tweaking may be probably needed. The bootcharts for the different cases are available on the bootcharts section of the project webpage

Finally, a laptop testing system was prepared for comparison. It has also a fresh debian sid installation on an external USB hard drive. The results using the laptop test bed were similar for unverbose booting although the boot time seem to be unconsistent! Around 2 second changes without networking and higher with networking. I _guess_ a possible reason is by using an usb hard drive.

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